Library Rules


Q: Are students allowed to use the Media Center computers to play games?


A: Students are not allowed to use Media Center technology -- or any technology, especially their phones -- to play games while in the Media Center. This rule still applies if the student has no missing assignments or catch-up work. The Media Center is first, and foremost, a place to learn, study, and generally a place for self-improvement. Therefore, students will cooperate with staff in making the Media Center an environment for learning and general improvement.


Q: Students usually go to the Media Center while they are on break. How is student life enriched by the Media Center?


A: I typically work with students to create an understanding of how the Media Center's social fabric ought to be: personally constructive and conducive to learning. Students in the Media Center are taught to respect one-another's time, especially when pursuing work completion, and are encouraged to show one-another the same respect they would show to a staff member. Rest assured, the Media Center is a place where students are respectful, safe, are taught responsibility, and are encouraged to persevere in their studies.


Q: Is there assistance available to students for their assignments during nutrition and lunch?


A: I attempt to help students complete assignments they may be struggling with to the best of my ability. My understanding of certain topics is somewhat limited, in which case a student ought to seek tutelage, either through after-school tutoring or additional at-home study.


Q: What if a student misbehaves while in the Media Center? Do the same behavior guidelines apply as the classroom?


A: They absolutely do. Students who misbehave in the Media Center are subject to the same rules as they would be on the rest of school grounds.


Q: What shouldn't students be doing while they are in the Media Center?


A: Students in the Media Center sometimes have a tendency to tilt in their chairs, a habit which is potentially unsafe should the student slip and fall backwards. Students are rapidly corrected of this behavior if they do. Additional activity which is not tolerated: unnecessarily harsh keyboard typing, browsing social media, using foul language, creating unnecessarily loud noise, running, horseplay, fighting, phone use, and of course, damaging school property.


Remember! I understand the Media Center is a place for learning and work on assignments. In several cases, assignments are given to groups of students. I fully understand that the Media Center will not be dead silent. I do, however, expect students to respect one-another and the general use of the library as a place to pursue high grades, test scores, and to reduce missing assignments. Overly loud discussion is therefore not tolerated and students who disregard this rule -- or cannot control their voice levels -- will be corrected on their behavior.


I am happy to answer any further questions parents/students may have regarding the Media Center and its social guidelines.


Thank you, and have a wonderful day.


-- Mr. G.