Hawk Mobile Computer Lab

The Hawk Mobile Computer Lab was created to provide ease of movement and deployment in any classroom or media center. This mobility allows the integration of software and the Internet into the academic setting by bringing the lab to the person rather than the person to the lab. The lab is intended to provide access to software and hardware resources currently unavailable to them. With the creation of the Hawk Mobile Computer Lab, WGIS anticipates the ability to:

  • facilitate the integration of software and web-based content for instructional use in the classroom;
  • provide students and instructors with 21st century tools for teaching and learning;
  • relieve scheduling pressures from conventional lab spaces; and
  • provide additional access to software and other computing resources.

The Hawk Mobile Computer Lab consists of a set of netbooks equipped with wireless cards, and a specialized cart to deploy the notebooks (including battery charging and security). Application software include Microsoft Office suite and a web browser. 

For Reservations

Miller, Linda K.
Media Center Clerk