Walnut Grove Textbook/Library Book Policy




  • Students are free to check out up to two (2) different library books at a time.
  • Library books are checked out to students in two-week intervals. After two weeks of having books checked out, they are considered late and a late fine is assigned to the student's library account.
    • The late fee for books is $0.05 for every day late the book is returned. However, the Walnut Grove Media Center will NOT charge a student less than $0.50 for any late book. Therefore, students have a 10-day grace period during which time returning a late book will not incur a fine.
  • During times in which students are unable to return a book due to EXTENDED VACATIONS (including winter break, spring break, etc.) those additional days will NOT be counted towards a student's late fee.
  • If a student has a checked out library book and it is late, the student must return the book AND pay any late fees associated with the book, not one or the other.
    • During circumstances in which the student fails to pay fines associated with their account and/or return library/textbooks, the student will become ineligible for end-of-year student activities, including:
      • Knott's Berry Farm
      • 8th Grade Field Day
      • 7th Grade Carnival
      • School Yearbook
      • Promotion Ceremony
    • In addition, a student's library fines and outstanding materials will be requested upon entry to High School, especially if those outstanding materials are textbooks.
  • If a student fails to return a library book or textbook in generally usable condition (i.e. with water damage, multiple torn/missing pages) or loses the book, the student will be responsible for replacing the book in its entirety, either by paying the purchase cost of the book or by purchasing a copy and donating it to the Media Center. Students who fail to return textbooks during the school year will be subject to the penalties listed above, and fines equivalent to the textbooks lost -- or otherwise damaged -- will be placed on the student's account.
  • Finally, if a student has an understandably difficult time keeping said textbooks -- or library books -- in the condition provided, or has had extreme extraneous circumstances preventing them from doing so, ANY student has the freedom to speak with me in the Media Center regarding their fines, their penalties, holds, or may even simply discuss library selections. I'm more than happy to discuss any of those topics any time the Media Center may be open.


Remember! Your textbooks are yours to take home. You do NOT have to return textbooks until the textbook return dates which will be announced during the school year.


Thank you very much for your time, understanding, patience, and interest in the Walnut Grove Media Center. I'm always open to suggestions regarding contemporary fiction, and I welcome all to the Walnut Grove library.


-- Mr. G.